Field The Banana

It was just another game until something unusual happened. The San Francisco Giants  were playing the Baltimore Orioles. It was the last inning when Orioles, Adam Jones hit a three-run homer to end the game 10-2. A frustrated fan was getting out of his seat to leave when he then saw a banana picked up a from a catering cart and threw it near Adam Jones. Adam Jones was very upset and angry that someone threw a banana near him and he is looking at it as a racially motivated act since Jones is African-American.  Jones then logged on to his twitter the next day and showed how frustrated he was.

I think this should of never happened and it was very uncalled for. It’s sad that a fan would throw a banana at the other team just cause he is frustrated. Especially because the player is an African-American and he threw a banana near him. This is racially profiling is America and that is very sad. This story actually makes me really angry.

I think this story should be shared to show how disrespectful someone could be. People should really think and understand how angry this can make someone. Humans should be disappointed that racial profiling is still going on today. People need to start making a change and do something about things like this.

Click Here for USA Today Article

Click Here for CNN Article

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